November 25, 2019
2 min read

Live Streaming Cameras Installed on Chiltern’s Fleet

Chiltern Distribution Ltd has taken steps to install live streaming cameras on it’s entire fleet of vehicles.  It is a major investment to equip 100% of the fleet in a sophisticated 3-camera system. It paid off immediately as within a week of installing the cameras we relied on the footage to defend one of our drivers in a roadway collision.

“The key benefits for the company are clear: instant video playback, reduction in insurance cost, improved driver behaviour and live vehicle GPS tracking.  Driver behaviour is key to our business and we can now automatically record things such as harsh braking, speeding and cornering.  In addition it helps us to defend our drivers if there is an incident involving another vehicle.  It is as helpful to the drivers as it is to us.”

Brian Sagaseta, Commercial Director

Key Features:

3G & 4G Live Streaming

    • Superfast connectivity delivers high quality, real-time remote viewing from your PC, tablet or phone.

Continuous HD Recording

    • Clear, reliable HD recordings which are easy to review and locate incidents
    • 2TB Storage
    • 4 weeks of continuous HD recording for a 3 camera system

GPS Vehicle Tracking

    • Built in GPS gives data about speed, direction, route and event location
    • Combining exact location with the camera footage gives 100% evidence reliability

360° View of your Vehicle

    • HD Cameras can be installed to capture a 360 degree view, ensuring that every angle is covered in the event of an incident