March 15, 2021
1 min read

Local Truck Enthusiast Captures Chiltern Fleet

George Jay is a local truck enthusiast and, much to our delight, he loves to capture the Chiltern fleet in a stunning light. And at 12 years old this talented photographer from Whittlesey is welcome at our depot anytime. George stops by in his spare time, sets up his shot and takes photos that show off his love for trucks.

George eats, breathes, and sleeps trucks. We’re thrilled that someone so young has expressed an interest in our industry. It isn’t often we see this kind of passion in someone so young. Aside from his photography talent George is sure to be a business leader one day as well. He’s used a simulator to set up his own company ‘GJ Transport’ which currently employs 30 people. We hope he keeps his trucks clean and serviced!! The team at Chiltern is quite confident that one day we will all see ‘GJ Transport’ trucks on the road.

George – thank you for the pictures you send to us. We love them and we look forward to your next visit.