February 29, 2024
2 min read

Chiltern Distribution Ltd retain AA Grade

In 2006 the BRC introduced the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution to complement the suite of Global Standards covering the production of food, packaging and consumer products. This Standard allows the chain of product certification to be completed, from primary processor to manufacturer, and from manufacturer to retailer (or food service company in the case of food).

Chiltern Distribution Ltd has retained its AA rating – the highest rating for an announced audit.

What does this mean for our clients?

This AA rating provides our customers with the confidence that our commitment to the global standards and our desire to employ best practice across our entire operation is critical to our beliefs.  The safety of our customers products, whether they store with us or we transport their goods on our vehicles, is second to none.

The Standard is internationally recognised, providing a report and certification that can be accepted by customers in place of their own audits-reducing time and cost.  The comprehensive scope of the Standard, covering areas of quality, hygiene and product safety, provides a benchmark for best practice in the storage and distribution industries. When effectively adopted, the Standard can reduce damage, waste and therefore costs to the business.