Sustainability policy

Sustainability Policy

Chiltern Distribution Limited is committed to a programme of continuous development with regards to its sustainability obligations. As a business we are cognisant of the impact that our sector has on the environment and acknowledge that it is our responsibility to do all that we can to reduce our carbon footprint and work towards being as carbon efficient as possible. To ensure that our business continues to do all that it can to reduce carbon emissions, we monitor specific KPI’s focused on driving performance to minimise carbon leakage.

We are dedicated to delivering our customers and stakeholder’s high quality, compliant services and logistics solutions in a safe and sustainable manner.

Our fleet

KPIs are set and monitored to evaluate each of our drivers driving style and the level of miles per gallon (“mpg”) that they achieve each week, which both impact the level of carbon emissions generated by our business.

To minimise the impact of our business on the environment we do all that we can to maximise the mpg generated by each of our drivers and optimise the quality of their driving style.

By measuring these two metrics, it has enabled us to drive up the efficiency of our vehicles and minimise the level of carbon emissions generated by each vehicle.

We will raise environmental awareness with our drivers to understand the importance of sustainability and how they play a part in this process. Drivers that do not reach the targets set for mpg or driver score are provided additional training and support in order to improve their performance.

We have a vehicle replacement policy to invest and purchase the most modern and efficient vehicles available to us to increase mpg and improve fuel efficiency with a view to minimising carbon emissions. By continually investing in a modern fleet and equipment, it demonstrates our commitment to drive up fuel efficiency and improve mpg, thus minimising our carbon footprint.

We regularly maintain and service all company vehicles to ensure their efficiency and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Plant

We have taken active steps to reduce our carbon footprint across our site through solar panels attached to the roof of our building.

We will ensure environmental responsibility is incorporated across all business operations by planning, setting targets, reviewing, and auditing performance. This will be coupled with raising environmental awareness amongst all those who work for and on behalf of our business through awareness communication systems and training.

We will identify any significant impact that our activities have on the environment and strive to operating our sites in an environmentally efficient way by conserving fuel, energy and raw materials and reducing waste through the re-use and recycling of materials.

Our Supplier and Contractors

We will encourage suppliers and contractors to develop sustainable and ethically sound practices.


The Managing Director has adopted this statement as a framework for the business so that we can set standards and develop procedures to manage our environmental impact and sustainability agenda appropriate to our operations. The Managing Director will review this policy as necessary, but at least every two years.